Thank you!

Thank all of you for your support in funding and providing space for my signs and great effort to hand out doorhangers.

But most all, thank you for having confidence enough in me to serve as your state senator. Now the real work begins for us all.

It doesn’t appear that we made many gains in the numbers of conservative senators and representatives in the state house so we 300 Spartans standing together at Thermopoli must begin to work together or go away.

I’m NOT GOING AWAY ANYTIME SOON! Please work with me and be patient!

For those of you who have my signs on your lawn or who have put them in the town or state right-of-ways, please take them down and either hang on to them or return them to me. They will be needed in two years in our efforts to Keep Vermont -Vermont!

Thanks again!

Terry Williams
Candidate for Rutland County Senator

I think that it is time for the tax and spend leadership in Montpelier to be changed. They have mismanaged our tax dollars and just want to keep spending like there is no tomorrow. This has to stop!

Citizens of Vermont can not afford two more years of business as usual. I believe that to correct the course that our state is on, we need to have an open dialogue and be able to identify and express our differences in a civil way.

I am not a politician; anything but…I am a constitutional conservative and believe that the constitution of the state of Vermont and the United States of America are both wonderful documents and have served our state and nation faithfully. Neither of these documents needs to be changed. But, there are some in our legislature who would like to open up these sacred documents and alter them forever. I will work to stop that effort.

I believe that we must conserve the water, air and land of our state and the civil liberties of its citizens. I believe that we should hold those who will not protect those treasures, accountable to do so. But, that requires following our constitution and established laws.

I believe in the rule of law, the sanctity of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and I have fought and sacrificed my entire life to safeguard those rights and freedoms. I plan to keep fighting for them and feel that I can best do that as your senator.

I promise that if you elect me as your senator, I will always keep you informed of what is happening in our state house and will promptly reply to your questions while I am in office. I will make this my personal charge in our fight to preserve our freedoms.

Please vote for me in August and November. Thank You!

I’m Terry Williams and I approve this message.